Stop Smoking Aids – The Truth About Quit Smoking Pills

Stop Smoking Pills image 3Normally when you smoke, the nicotine contained in the cigarette goes to your brain and attaches to receptors located there. This triggers a release of dopamine from your brain, a chemical which is responsible for making you feel happy. What Chantix does is it blocks these receptors in your brain and prevents nicotine from interacting with them. Simply put, this drug makes it so that you no longer get as much pleasure from smoking cigarettes. Once you no longer that that ‘smoker’s high’, you’ll naturally no longer want to smoke anymore.

Because this drug interferes with your brain’s ‘pleasure delivery system’, it may have the unpleasant side effect of interfering with your normal mood patterns. So while you no longer enjoy cigarettes after using these pills, it is possible that you may find you no longer enjoy other things in life as well.

If you’re thinking of taking Chantix, make sure you get all the facts before you start. Since it is a stop smoking prescription medication, you’ll have to talk to a doctor before you’re able to buy it. Make sure that when you’re getting this prescription from your doctor, you ask them to properly explain the side effects of this medication.

Pill to Stop Smoking – Is it Good Or Bad For You?

Is there a pill to stop smoking? There are many drugs available, such as Zyban or Chantix, which are advertised as simple remedies to quit smoking. However, you have to try them and face the associated side effects to see whether these drugs can really kill your urge for nicotine.

Nicotine causes specific chemical reactions in your body. These drugs should cause similar reactions to get you the same upbeat feel when you smoke. They should restrict bad effects of nicotine. Only then, these pills can prove effective in overcoming your smoking habit.

You should take these pills twice a day and should start a week before stopping smoking. This acclimatizes your body to the approaching change. You should stop smoking only in the second week of pill intake. You should be careful not to miss a single dose.Stop Smoking Pills image 4

You should continue these pills for eight to twelve weeks for a complete treatment. However, stop smoking pills control your urge for smoking but only at the cost of serious side effects. These drugs have serious side effects like insomnia, vomiting, nausea, headaches, body pain, and others.

If you have:

o Stomach disorders

o Bronchitis problems

o Depression or seizure disorders

o Are pregnant or lactating

o Planning for pregnancy

o Are already on other prescription medications for heart and liver problems

o Are on dialysis or have any kidney-related ailments

o Are on insulin or asthma medications

You should not take these medications. They aggravate your ailments and your health deteriorates. You are also unable to quit smoking.

A pill to stop smoking may spell more harm than it does any benefit. Sometimes, you start smoking again with greater vigor. Instead, opt for natural cures to overcome smoking like NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a completely natural stop smoking that has a 97.2% success rate with none of the side effects associated with Medications.

Quit Smoking With Stop Smoking Pills

To quit from smoking is not an impossible mission if you are self motivated with high enthusiasm. In order to help people to stop smoking, there are plenty of new innovations which are developed to help in reducing the number of smokers. One of them is stop smoking pills. So, what do you know about these pills?

To support ‘Stop Smoking’ campaigns, a lot of companies have come out with their own technology and products. These pills contain several types of permitted chemicals to help in boosting up a person’s energy level and refresh the mind. It gives the same effects like smoking tobacco and the main difference is these pills do not contain nicotine. Some of the pills also contain traditional herbs to make them more effective.

In times, it also helps to reduce the urge of smoking. However, same like any other method; to stop smoking, you need to be self motivated at the same time. Don’t rely only on these pills hoping to stop smoking one day. Another reminder here is, don’t ever put in mind that these pills can be consumed for a long period of time to replace cigarettes. You need to know that all these pills contain several chemicals which may be harmful as well if overdose.Stop Smoking Pills image 5

If you are really interested to try these pills, start to search online or consult xn--rykeslutt-l8a and compare the chemical contents and how it helps to achieve your mission. Some of the companies even provide trial products or money back guarantee if there’s no result within one week.

Stop smoking is not an easy task and a lot of people give up at the very first attempt to quit. This is not the right way! You need to try several times and it would be easier after several attempts. If these pills do not provide any results, try to source for another alternatives. It doesn’t mean that the pills are not good enough. This happens because the effects may vary depending on the individual itself.